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We can create a comedic version of THIS IS YOUR LIFE for birthdays and other special occasions, Please enquire.

Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it. Sali Baba.

My passport through life is humor.  Always looking for the funny side be it songs, stories or something I create.

Of course I appreciate the value and depth of pathos for balance. I am  spontanious, 'in the moment,'  personal and encourage all to participate, the show is 'US'.      


Being English\Irish and extroverted

one could predict I would be on stage which happened with numerous productions while in my twenties and thirties in San Francisco. I graduated to events, minimizing rehearsal and maximizing the financial reward also gaining the valuable experience of Improv and interaction with the public.

The World is my stage !                                       

I moved into developing "Reality Bending Events' which are best described as practical jokes with director\producer all in one, for hire. Would you like to do 'Something special, for that Someone special?

Let us create a magic/funny moment together!

I have written and produced  video pieces and ads for television and radio.

'Bocce,  Game of the Ages'  a documentary I produced and directed on one of my favorite pastimes was awarded 'Best'  at the Berkeley Video Festival


Clients include  Hilton Hotels, Chevron, Canon, The California Symphony and Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gates.

We also offer our version of 

'This Is Your Life'  where I  poduce and direct a comedic recreation of a clients life generally as a surprise, using their friends as actors and offer

a digital recording as momento.


A San Francisco Critic once described my delivery and use of monologues as  'Spoken Word Theatre'  a fitting description, as measured by the feedback

I enjoy from my performance of these pieces. From hysterical to deeply moving, whispers to rhetorical bombast, this has become my forte.

We are becoming culturally bereft of storytellers as we disappear into the omnipresent small screens of insularity. 

I proudly represent that ever dwindling cache of Live Raconteurs.


            Town Crier.

Seen here with my escort and partner in life,    Sheena Bonfield.


I first cried in nineteen ninety one as an activist in Martinez California soon after to become their Official Crier  and a year later I became the Contra Costa County Crier. It has proved a great way to give back to one's community!

I won the Abraham Lincoln Prize as America's Best Crier in Decatur Illinois at my first competition,  again in nineteen ninety one,  later that year came sixteenth in the world competition in England out of a field of one hundred and forty five.  In nineteen ninety seven  I became a founding member and V.P. of The American Guild of Town Criers and went on to win the first National Championship winning again at the second competition in New Jersey in two thousand one.

I served the Guild as President from two thousand one through two thousand five.  

Currently I serve as Vice President of The Northwest Company of Criers, the World's largest Criers organization.

I was fifth in the world in 2005 and have won many other regional competitions.

I still represent Contra Costa County California, and Esquimalt British Columbia.

I am privileged to serve as personal Crier to Baron and Baroness Ilich, Lord and Lady Tidd of Villiers and Lord Gilsland.  


My experience as stage actor was a great asset as I began this new chapter and  also profoundly helped develop my writing and oratory skills over time. 

Crying has been an incredible experience if only for the people I

have met and sometimes worked with including Robin Williams, Victor Borge, Burt Reynolds and the incomparable Dame Edna Everage . 


Birthdays, Retirements, Aniversaries, and any kind of celebration are made special by The Town Crier, adding Color, Tradition and Pageantry to Communities, Clients and Events.   


An 'Enormous  Repertoire'.
Covering  the Great American
Songbook and old Jazz Standards.  I  particularly enjoy the more obscure songs of Porter,  Gershwin Mercer and Carmichael,  but  Vaudeville, British Music Hall,  and such ilk figure prominently  in my collection as do hysterical parodies, novelty and not to forget my Celtoid roots where many pieces also evoke deep feelings and connections.
I have amassed all kinds of word plays, tongue twisters  and special pieces. to delight, inspire and entertain.

Accoustic guitar is my primary instrument , I also play ukulele and concertina .

My voice is described as "rich velvet" baritone/bass.    

From background dinner music  to

'Full on delivery,   ​I live to perform and knowing I can and will  move you is

my reward.                                                  

​S​poken Word Theatre refers to my

huge accumulation of monologues and stories using multi dialects from epics to great jokes delivered with dynamic presence. These have become my defining trait. 

​A recent review.

'A troubadour in a brash Hawaiian shirt, Redmond O’Colonies is a man transported from another time, an itinerant musician, thespian, and jester. Like an eccentric gent in the park tossing grain to the pigeons, Redmond embraces his audience with a regal sweep of his arm and soon has them eating out of his hand. Crowds delight in the British ex-pat’s lightning-tongued rants and comic monologues, wiping away tears at a rhyming diatribe against television’s brain-rotting pablum or a bald man’s ode to his last surviving hair. The storytelling folk singer can transform his accent from English to Irish to Scottish as readily as he changes musical styles. An accomplished guitarist, he moves fluently from pub sing-alongs and musical parodies to poignant Irish ballads and vintage melodies from the 1920s to the 1940s. By turns irreverent and earnest, bawdy and lyrical, Redmond is a vaudevillian entertainer sure to please a diverse audience.'


Singer. Town Crier. Actor.

Workshops Offered.

The Art of Performance.    'The Jestival' (Jokes and art of deliverance).    Public Speaking.
Media Relations.    Swing Guitar.    Open Guitar tunings.


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